What's new: STORIES & more / by LUCAS LANDAU

This month this website turns five months old. After only four months I felt that I needed to update my portfolio because I'm constantly updating myself.

It seems easy to update your portfolio, just upload new pictures and that's all. But for me it's more than that. It's hard to define my work in a menu with four words. This freedom to choose my own way is amazing but I must confess I feel lost sometimes.  

In that way to discover (and change) myself and what I want to do, I'm playing everything. I love to do different kinds of photography, all this possibilities excite me. 

So, on PERSONAL you can find my own stuff. Pictures I took for fun. The news here are the gallery FRIENDS. I put together all the shootings with friends (not only in front of the camera, but also behind it). 

Basically I concentrated the fashion work on COMMISSIONED. I added a few new pictures on PORTRAIT, where you can find out who I shot.

I also added STORIES to this menu. I think this is the big news after this five months. I've decided to work more with documentary photography and STORIES is the gallery for that. 

There are stories that you already know, but I'm sharing now an unpublished story originally made for Reuters that I had never taken from my drawer. It's about SECRET REHEARSALS during Carnival in Rio. And there is another story, now with the complete material, about RESISTANCE.

I'm also editing a new story that's really special for me shot in 2013 about a peculiar favela in the more expensive area of Rio. As soon as I publish this one I'll let you know here in NEWS, where you can always follow my work :)

FAVELA RESISTS: click on the picture to see full story

SECRET REHEARSALS: click on the picture to see full story