On the cover of Folha de São Paulo / by LUCAS LANDAU

On March 17th I was on assignment for Folha de São Paulo newspaper to cover a social action promoted by the Brazilian army, the mayor and the governor at Vila Kennedy. The place, in Bangu, suburb of the city, is "a model" to the federal intervention on Rio de Janeiro's public security.

A picture I took during this assignment was published on the cover the day after (March 18th), on Sunday edition of the newspaper. The image shows a simbolic hug between the mayor, Marcelo Crivella, and the interventor, General Walter Braga Netto, Brazilian army's leader.

The federal intervention was a polemic decision made by the governor Luiz Fernando Pezão (who lost control of the security because of the corruption in his government) and the presidente Michel Temer, (who has popularity near zero), both members of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB) party.