A story after Marielle's death / by LUCAS LANDAU

Marielle was a human rights defender. Woman, black, queer and Rio de Janeiro city councilor (the fifth best voted in 2016), she used to fight for the favelas like Maré, where she grew up.

Marielle symbolized the force of the people in politics, she was a brilliant diamond among all corrupt politicians we are sick of. She was our hope and she still is.

They buried Marielle and they planted many seeds. Since the barbaric assassination, I was immersed in the repercussion, covering demonstrations and religious acts.

I also met her family and other important characters of this story. Thinking in a way to explain this whole situation for who is not from Rio nor Brazil, I decided to create a story with the material I captured during the seven days after Marielle's dead.

This is what I saw and what I've documented in the first week without Marielle. She left us, but her legacy will live forever. Marielle, Presente!

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