Regência documentary is out now! / by LUCAS LANDAU

Special thanks: Cineclube Foz

Special thanks: Cineclube Foz

My first doc is ready! With 35 minutes, “The Rescue of Regência” talks about micropolitical initiatives in a fishermen village in the river Doce to get over the worst socioenvironmental crime in Brazil, the rupture of the Fundão dam of Samarco mining company, controlled by Vale and BHP, in Bento Rodrigues, Minas Gerais. 

The doc is about people tired of waiting the government help them that started to act by themselves to regenerate Regência. The jiu-jitsu instructor, the alternative community leader, the ex-fisherwoman, the young artist from Regência and more native people are featured in the film. 

Now that it’s done, I did the first exhibition in the main Regência square for 120 residents on November 22th. The night was very special and beautiful, the community was really open and I got amazing feedbacks.

Next step is apply “The Rescue of Regência” in the festivals inside and outside Brazil, as a way to get their inspiring story more known. My idea is post it on YouTube but some festivals ask that the documentary be unpublished to inscribe it. I will announce when will be available on YT.

Regência resists!