Coração Vabagundo / by LUCAS LANDAU

I was in South Africa in February for a project and took the opportunity to take some unpretentious pictures. For that, I brought an analog Contax T2 and some Kodak Portra 400. 

When I got back to Brazil and developed the films I was in a bit of a crisis - I was surprised by how amazing that material came out but also couldn’t help but think it was a shame I haven’t dedicated myself a little more. 

Either way, I love these portraits. My hearts is filled with warmth just by looking at these kids and their smiles, the greatest memories I made in the african continent. 

I get really emotional about the looks in these pictures and the way those kids felt empowered and valued in front of the camera. As a giant, white man with the “gringo” looks I feel honored to have been able to access a small part of the lives of these little guys. 

It was one of the most special exchanges I’ve ever had. We identified ourselves in our insecurities; we communicated through the transparency we shared in common. 

While watching these kids I’ve realised that, as citizens of both third world countries, we share something: a sense of community and empathy for those around us that I don’t see often in more developed countries. That’s what’s left when so much is wrong around us. This warmth is priceless and inexplicable; is something you got to feel it. 

I hope these pictures can bring some of these feelings to you and also some hope. Not only today - Africa Day - but everyday. That the world be inspired by the happiness and strenght of these amazing people.  

Cheers to Africa!

To see all the pictures, click here.

PS: Coração Vagabundo means "bum heart" in Portuguese and the expression come from a song by Caetano Veloso.

(English translation by Lucia Hsu)