Chapada dos Veadeiros / by LUCAS LANDAU

Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, in Goiás, in the middle of Brazil, is a place that I miss so much since I've been there for the first time in April/16. I feel like I left little pieces of me in each track and waterfall.

All the park is located above a huge quartzo crystal what brings a very good vibe to this area called Cerrado (brazil's second largest biome, after the Amazon).

The vegetation is so classy, the rocks all over the place are so beautiful and the sky, oh the sky, is infinite. Without mentioning the majestic moon, the delicious açaí and the nice people from Vila de São Jorge - small village where I stayed, next to Alto Paraíso the main city of the park.

It's a place that put us in our place. When you are there you relativize your life in and realize that we are nothing compared to nature. It's a place to really feel the power of nature.  

And now I feel like I have to go back to Chapada dos Veadeiros to catch up this little pieces I left there. Or maybe to spread out even more pieces.

(You can find the 35mm pictures of Chapada dos Veadeiros here)