An oldschool photographer / by LUCAS LANDAU

I consider myself to be an oldschool photographer - that's how I like to photograph.

I don't like using the orange cable, I don't have six lights, thirty eight lighting accessories or an iPad to handle to my clients.

My entire equipment consists in a backpack and a case to external lighting. Around 90% of my pictures are made using a 50mm. I don't like to use a tripod and I avoid using an assistant when it's not really necessary - I don't have a car neither a home studio.

Yeah, I think I'm an oldschool photographer.

I trust my vision and my work, which I've been doing for 10 years now, and I try to have my own style. My biggest pleasure is when I get the job because the client wants me to do it, trusting my vision and the way I work, not because I fit their budget. 

I've never lived abroad - yet! -, I didn't go to a photography school or even had any classes, never worked as an assistant. I love natural light and would only use that if I could. My only assistant became a great friend, I always try to work with friends and people who can bring a good energy to the workplace - which is always the case, fortunately. 

I am aware that I won't get all the jobs or please everyone. I just want to be happy doing what I never chose to be - it chose me - doing the only thing I know how to do well and gives me so much pleasure.

I was born a photographer, one with an oldschool style.

I'd like to thank everyone I've met in my 10 year career (the older the better). You all know how special you are to me. May a hundred more years of photography come, because our love story has just begun.

(English translation by Lucia Hsu)